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Preparing Your Team for the Infor OS Portal Upgrade: Key Steps and Considerations

On May 1st of this year, Infor will be retiring Ming.le and will upgrade all environments to the new Infor OS PortalThis upgrade is going to affect how you navigate between web-based Infor applications, with a few enhancements that can help you visualize your daily work and keep you on track.

From now until May 1st, Infor is giving all users a chance to test their Infor environments with the new operating system to make sure it works as anticipated and that you have time to become comfortable with how Infor OS Portal looks and feels. We strongly recommend completing the upgrade early and thoroughly testing it in advance of the deadline!

Our team of Infor consultants - with our years of experience with the application - have investigated the upgrade to learn what it entails. In this blog post, we've got a guide on how to prepare your organization for the upcoming changes.


What is Infor OS?

Like your computer or your smartphone, Infor's web-based applications have an operating system that your experience is built on. That is the role Infor OS has for Infor's web-based applications.


What are the promised benefits?

With Infor OS Portal, Infor is promising a few enhancements to your experence:

  • Easier navigation and access to pieces of the Infor suite of applications
  • The ability to customize homepages for users with information directly relevant to their work in the application
  • Tab functionality, including the ability to pick up right where you left off when you leave the web application
How Infor navigation will change

How Infor's navigation will look after the upgrade


What do I do if I have questions on the upgrade?

Our team of Infor experts can help you make sense of this upgrade, test your environments, and confirm readiness for May 1st. Want to know more about how we can help? Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help.

When is the upgrade going to take place? What will the steps be?

Anytime between now and May 1st, you are able to request an upgrade to the new version of Infor OS. On May 1st, however, any environments that have not upgraded will have the Infor OS Portal upgrade automatically installed.

Infor suggests that, in advance of May 1st, you test Infor OS Portal to verify that functionality works as anticipated and report any unexpected issues that are found.

The general steps to perform the upgrade ahead of time are as follows:

  1. Perform a migration using the migration utility
  2. Review and test the tenant
  3. Finalize transition with a ticket to support

Where do I find additional resources on this upgrade?

Infor has some written and video resources on the upgrade that can provide a more technical look on the changes occurring:

  • Infor's Knowledge Base has an article with the number KB 2277419

  • An additional webinar has been posted in Infor Communities, specifically in the LN User Group, with an additional walk-through.

What do you need to do to prepare?

Infor suggests that, in advance of May 1st, you test Infor OS Portal so you can verify functionality works as anticipated and report any unexpected issues.

Your tenant must be in Trial Mode in order to test Infor OS Portal. To access Trial Mode, modify your environment's URL as follows:[TenantID]

How to access Trial Mode using your existing URLs


At the top of your screen, click on the "Try the new OS Portal" link in your top taskbar.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 16.00.12


Once the new portal is accessed, use the Infor materials provided in the knowledge base article to perform the necessary steps.  


How do I finalize this upgrade?

When you are satisfied with the conversion of Infor OS Portal, we recommend running the Migration Utility one final time to ensure that any recent updates are moved from Ming.le. Once complete, please submit a ticket/incident request to Infor for each environment that you currently run. In this incident request, you'll want to note that you want to finalize your tenant upgrade to Infor OS Portal, and to include the full links for each tenant you would like to be upgraded, and to specify if you would like Infor to run an additional migration of data before the transiton is completed (we recommend yes).

Are there any known issues with this upgrade?

While Infor does not anticipate heavy issues with this upgrade, there are a few to note as we go through this process:

  • A few customers who have upgraded their environments have noticed that Business Applications has disappeared from their navigation portal. If this happens to you, you will have to re-add the application post upgrade. Infor recognizes that this as an issue and is working to certify all earlier versions of EPM Applications within the Infor OS portal
  • When you open Migration Assistant for the first time, you will see that the migration tool was run last June or July. This was performed by Infor, and migrated application data existing at that time to the Infor OS Portal. No data aside from the back end code
  • Some Ming.le APIs will also be retired on May 1st. If you are currently running any Ming.le portal based APIs, the code referencing these will need to be updated to reference the cooresponding version available in Infor OS Portal to ensure continuity.
  • Some clients used the Ming.le “Share” button to send self service reports to other EPM users. This option is no longer available in the new Infor OS portal.

What if I don't want to upgrade right now?

You aren't under any obligation to run the migration immediately, though we strongly recommend testing prior to May 1st deadline. On that date, all Infor multi-tenant cloud clients will be automatically migrated by Infor Cloud Ops the the new Infor OS portal. This will occur regardless of prior testing sucesss or failure.


Want to know more about how to master Infor OS Portal? Join our webinar on April 5th!

We will be hosting a webinar on April 5th, 2024 and we will discuss the ins and outs of Infor OS Portal. In the webinar, we will discuss the new features you can expect, how to master the "Smart Panel" for an enhanced workspace experience, and a detailed overview of how to migrate and test your application. We've got more details at the link below!