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Planful Spotlight Vlog: Dazzling Financial Reports for a Transformational "Glow-Up"

Illuminate Your Financial Reports with Planful for a Bright Path to Efficiency

Let's step into the brilliant world of Planful Spotlight as Kyle Armstrong and Gaylord Miller shed light on getting the most out of Planful Spotlight by tackling complex reporting in our latest vlog.

Join Gaylord's insightful conversation with Kyle, an expert CFO Solutions Consultant, deeply versed in the capabilities of Planful. Discover how Gaylord explores the transformative potential of Planful software, uncovering invaluable insights on automating monthly reports to reclaim precious time.

Watch the video and dive into this enlightening exchange to unlock the power of efficiency and expertise in financial management:


Lately, it feels like we've been collectively experiencing time racing at speed of light, leaving us with a daunting pile of tasks to get through before truly being able to enjoy that Friday feeling.

Efficiency is more key than ever in guiding you towards a radiant "glow up" when it comes to your organization's reporting and financial operations. 

For busy financial professionals like Gaylord, the monthly grind of manually updating reports can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But what if there was a simple way for you to shed light on the inner workings of these processes, illuminating a path to transforming your reporting with greater efficiency?

Revolutionize your Approach to Handling Financial Data and Reports

Enter Planful Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software, improving the way you manage your financial data and reports.

Gaylord finds himself stuck in a cycle of manual data entry and report creation. Utilizing Planful Spotlight, he sees an opportunity to streamline his processes and bring a new level of automation to his workflow. 

The conversation between Gaylord and Kyle showcases the power of Planful Spotlight, an Excel add-in that integrates seamlessly with Planful to automate report creation. Kyle guides Gaylord through the process of setting up his report in Planful Spotlight, demonstrating how easy it is to pull data from Planful directly into Excel and create dynamic, refreshable reports.

Overcoming Painstaking Manual Financial Processes

One of Gaylord's pain points is the manual data entry from different sources. With Planful Spotlight, he learns how to set up his report to automatically pull data from Planful, eliminating the need for manual entry and ensuring accuracy and consistency in his reports.

Another pain point for Gaylord is the time-consuming process of updating and formatting his reports each month. Kyle shows him how to use Planful Spotlight's powerful features to simplify and optimize this process.

With Planful, Gaylord can quickly and easily customize his reports to meet his needs and save him valuable time, along with quite a bit of effort.

Incorporating Substitution Variables into Your Reports with Planful Spotlight

The benefits of Planful don't stop there. Kyle shows Gaylord how to use Planful Spotlight to incorporate substitution variables into his report, allowing him to automatically update time dimensions based on predefined parameters. This saves Gaylord time and ensures that his reports are always up-to-date with the most current data.

As Gaylord navigates the process of setting up his report in Planful, he realizes how much time he'll get back that he would otherwise spend on laborious tasks. Gone are the days of manual data entry and endless report formatting.

Planful Spotlight Vlog Dazzling Financial Reports for a Transformational Glow Up

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity with Planful's Financial Reporting Tools

With Planful, Gaylord stepped into a new era of efficiency and productivity. Time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past, and financial reporting is a breeze.

Financial professionals, like Gaylord, can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, allowing you to focus on what you do best: driving business growth and success.

Ready to shine a light on your financial reports to help you attain your own financial "glow up"? Let CFO Solutions brightly guide you to financial excellence. Looking for other ways to Maximize Planful's Reporting Functionality? Click the button below.