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Insights from the Syteline User Network Annual Conference 2024 in Tampa

Overview Of The Syteline User Network (SUN) Conference  

For those new to the Syteline User Network (SUN), it serves as a community of users, implementation partners, and industry experts dedicated to leveraging the power of Syteline and its partner solutions for enhanced efficiency and growth. This year, their annual conference was held in Tampa and was an exciting opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with other members of this community.

During the conference, attendees attended talks, breakout sessions, and workshops on a wide range of topics, from what to expect with system upgrades to data management best practices, integration solutions, insightful keynote speeches, and more.  

These themes were the defining features of this year’s conference for us – in this post, we’ll share some of the insights that we learned from the event. 

Infor Data Management and Integration  

During the conference, the importance of streamlining data management processes was a recurring theme. One highlight of this was discussing how to assist users in transitioning complex Excel models to organized databases in the cloud. This transition not only ensures data accuracy and integrity but also enhances accessibility and fosters collaboration among team members. Excel models leave so many avenues for user error. Version control, file loss, and data transparency can bring a budgeting process to a sudden halt. 

Best practices around user interfaces were heavily discussed at the SUN Conference as well. A well-designed UI not only simplifies navigation but also enhances user engagement and productivity.

We learned how Syteline offers integrations with EPM systems with intuitive UI functionality, saving your team time in understanding new processes and recurring task time to completion. By seamlessly syncing data between these platforms, organizations can gain real-time insights, improve decision-making processes, and drive overall efficiency in financial operations. These discussions underscored the critical role of data integration and user experience in optimizing business processes and achieving organizational goals. 

Upgrades and Migration processed-36C9D34F-E56F-4CA2-8B87-8E6BF6732556[78]

The discussions on upgrades and migration at the SUN conference shed light on the pivotal steps organizations must take to keep up with the ever-evolving Infor and SUN partner environment.

One recurring theme throughout these discussions was the significant benefits of upgrading and migrating, including enhanced efficiency and scalability.

We also gained insights on upcoming product migrations - such as upgrading to Styeline Version 10 - that we're embedding into our best practices to help our future projects.

By embracing the latest versions and leveraging cloud-based solutions, we hope to help our clients streamline operations, reduce IT overhead, and position themselves for sustainable growth.

SUN Keynotes and More 

Infor's CTO Unveils CloudSuite Innovations at Syteline User Network Conference

Infor's Chief Technology Officer, Soma Somasundaram, took center stage at the Syteline User Network annual conference to deliver a presentation focused on the growth of CloudSuite and prevailing industry trends. Somasundaram provided context for the evolving landscape of cloud-based solutions, particularly within manufacturing, distribution, and aerospace industries.

His keynote pointed out the significant strides Infor has made in harnessing the power of CloudSuite to drive innovation and deliver value to customers worldwide. We left this session with a greater understanding of CloudSuite's future and how to create additional value for our clients.

Jon Acuff Inspires with Keynote on Overcoming Mindset Barriers

We of course have to mention the unforgettable keynote speech by Jon Acuff, renowned author and motivational speaker. Acuff's presentation centered around the transformative power of mindset and goal achievement. He emphasized the importance of identifying and challenging the "broken soundtracks" that often hinder progress and success in our personal and professional lives.

By retiring these negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive, empowering beliefs, Acuff believes individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve their goals with greater clarity and purpose. Acuff's talk left an impression on us, sparking motivation and determination to seize opportunities for growth and success. 

CFO Solutions Partner, Jennifer Buchanan, Delivers Expert Insights on EPM Maturity Model

While we may be biased, one of the standout presentations at the Syteline User Network annual conference was delivered by CFO Solutions Partner, Jennifer Buchanan, who provided an insightful overview of "A Practical Maturity Model for Budgeting, Planning, and Reporting with EPM." With a long career - and a wealth of expertise - with Infor EPM, Jennifer offered attendees a comprehensive framework for enhancing their budgeting, planning, and reporting processes.

Her presentation delved into practical strategies and best practices for advancing organizational maturity in these critical areas, empowering attendees to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and agility in their financial operations. By leveraging EPM solutions effectively, Jennifer emphasized how organizations can drive informed decision-making and grow sustainably.

Bottom Line

The Syteline User Network annual conference in Tampa proved to be a remarkable gathering of industry professionals, implementation partners, and thought leaders, all united by a common goal: to leverage the power of Syteline and related solutions for enhanced efficiency and growth. As we reflect on the knowledge shared and the connections made, we're excited to implement these insights into our operations.

As we move forward with the insights we’re taking away from the event, we'll be sharing more of what we learned at the Sun User Network conference in our upcoming blog content. Subscribe today to be the first to learn about our latest posts!


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